Effortless Collaboration with VCs

Onboard VC partners and allow them
to manage their operations independently

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Volunteer Deployment

Centralized volunteer screening and onboarding allow volunteer centers more control and accountability.

The onboarded volunteers will then be automatically deployed to the respective volunteering opportunities under the respective VC Partners by Givlly.

Opportunity Deployment

VC partners can create their own volunteering opportunities and deploy them to Givlly and mobile apps.

They can manage their own volunteers and volunteering opportunities and utilize Givlly VMS to track recruitment, attendance, reports, etc.

Attendance and Reports

VC partners can mark volunteers’ attendance using Givlly apps, which will be synced automatically onto Givlly VMS.

Admins can access Givlly Volunteer Management System to generate the SG Care Reports, helping alleviate volunteer managers’ workloads.