Take your recruitment online and manage growth with sophistication

Get discovered 24/7 with your online landing page. Decide which opportunities are available online, the opportunity schedule, and the available quotas. Customise your registration form based on your needs.

Automated Processes
Customizable Forms
Configurable Onboarding

Elevate and promote self-learning with a learning management system

Create your training program in just a few clicks. From creating schedules to sending RSVPs to course attendance and results, You can even link it to a learning management system for self-learning.

Intuitive Course Booking
Automated Communication
E-learning Integrations

Deliver personal messages at the perfect moment

Automate reminders to enhance volunteer experience, reduce no-shows, and improve retention. Segment your volunteers based on shared traits, and target them with highly personalised emails.

Automate reminders & notifications
Target with segmentation
Personalized engagement